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This just in from our imaginary news room:

The part of Effie's mother in our Production-Wide Project "Hands" has been hand-picked by the director, myself.  Congratulations to Sarah Pittman for her gracious and silently submissive acceptance of this role!  The part of Effie and her Tutor are, however, still open!  A complete cast list will be posted on our Current Projects page on May 23, and remember -- the deadline to submit your auditions is May 16...just 12 days away!

(Someone correct me on my math if I'm wrong!)

Thanks for reading!

Love & Whatnot,
As most of you know, auditions for our current Production-Wide project have been going on for the past two or three weeks.  We have recieved only one audition tape.  Please, send us your audition tapes by May the 16, or we'll have to start hand-picking actors!

Audition information and scripts can be found here.  Please send your auditions in!

Love & whatnot,