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After some major setbacks in filming the Production-Wide Project "Hands" and a discussion with freelance director Kareem Shaw, "Hands" is now back in pre-production.

Firstly, what does this mean?
Pre-production refers to all the steps and paperwork needed before one starts filming.  Before I started filming, I did not have all of the paper work I needed.  Now that I do, I have to get that done before I can continue with production.

Will you have to change anything major?
Yes.  I have been advised that, although my script is very well written, it needs some work.  I have downloaded a script-writing software and will rewrite the script.

Are there any other actions you need to take?
Regarding the short film, no.  Regarding my school and personal life, yes.  This short film means a lot to me but before I can keep it from falling, I have to make sure that I am not a mess.  The same thing goes for our actors and crew members.  Each person has their own individual problems and lives to work with before they can help.  This is essential so we know that everyone is on the same page.

Thank you for your time in reading this blog post and please bear with me.

Love & Whatnot,
Due to a major conflict within my schedule, I've had to postpone the start of filming for Hands.  Whereas the original date had been set at June 26th, It's now been moved to the weekend after Independence Day.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Love & Whatnot
That's right, guys -- today is the last day to submit your audition tapes for our upcoming short film!  Submit your tapes by midnight tonight!

A complete cast list will be posted on the Current Projects page on May 23.  Please support our page by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter or Tumblr!

This just in from our imaginary news room:

The part of Effie's mother in our Production-Wide Project "Hands" has been hand-picked by the director, myself.  Congratulations to Sarah Pittman for her gracious and silently submissive acceptance of this role!  The part of Effie and her Tutor are, however, still open!  A complete cast list will be posted on our Current Projects page on May 23, and remember -- the deadline to submit your auditions is May 16...just 12 days away!

(Someone correct me on my math if I'm wrong!)

Thanks for reading!

Love & Whatnot,
As most of you know, auditions for our current Production-Wide project have been going on for the past two or three weeks.  We have recieved only one audition tape.  Please, send us your audition tapes by May the 16, or we'll have to start hand-picking actors!

Audition information and scripts can be found here.  Please send your auditions in!

Love & whatnot,
As most of you know, STP is starting out starting out local.  However, there's still an issue we have to address: Even if we begin locally, how do we reach the people in our communities?  The main form of communication in this day and time is through technology -- cell phones, internet, and most importantly:  Social Networking.

So, the question I would like to ask all of you today is:  To tweet or not to tweet?

Should Small Talk have a Twitter, a Tumblr, a Pinterest, by chance?  Comment with your ideas and your arguments.

Love & Whatnot,