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As most of you know, auditions for our current Production-Wide project have been going on for the past two or three weeks.  We have recieved only one audition tape.  Please, send us your audition tapes by May the 16, or we'll have to start hand-picking actors!

Audition information and scripts can be found here.  Please send your auditions in!

Love & whatnot,
As most of you know, STP is starting out starting out local.  However, there's still an issue we have to address: Even if we begin locally, how do we reach the people in our communities?  The main form of communication in this day and time is through technology -- cell phones, internet, and most importantly:  Social Networking.

So, the question I would like to ask all of you today is:  To tweet or not to tweet?

Should Small Talk have a Twitter, a Tumblr, a Pinterest, by chance?  Comment with your ideas and your arguments.

Love & Whatnot,