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After some major setbacks in filming the Production-Wide Project "Hands" and a discussion with freelance director Kareem Shaw, "Hands" is now back in pre-production.

Firstly, what does this mean?
Pre-production refers to all the steps and paperwork needed before one starts filming.  Before I started filming, I did not have all of the paper work I needed.  Now that I do, I have to get that done before I can continue with production.

Will you have to change anything major?
Yes.  I have been advised that, although my script is very well written, it needs some work.  I have downloaded a script-writing software and will rewrite the script.

Are there any other actions you need to take?
Regarding the short film, no.  Regarding my school and personal life, yes.  This short film means a lot to me but before I can keep it from falling, I have to make sure that I am not a mess.  The same thing goes for our actors and crew members.  Each person has their own individual problems and lives to work with before they can help.  This is essential so we know that everyone is on the same page.

Thank you for your time in reading this blog post and please bear with me.

Love & Whatnot,

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